Change shipping and/or billing address

You can only change a shipping and billing address for future orders. Find the instructions below.

For existing orders, it is NOT possible to change anything by yourself. Especially when the order status is Processing or Prepare for Shipping.

The exceptions:

  • an existing order awaits a bank transfer payment and has the order status Awaiting payment.
  • a pre-order.

To find out the possibilities in your situation, contact Customer support. If possible, we cancel and refund your order, so you can place a new order with the correct shipping country. Otherwise, we start a cool-off procedure.

Please note #

* Delivery attempts will happen during office hours. Use your work address as a shipping address when you are not home during those hours or ask friends or family to receive your order for you.
* It is not possible to use a Packstation as the delivery address
* Be aware that best practices and the policy used by shipping agents can be different per country
* Please read more on additional customs taxes and duties on this DHL page.
* In case you made a mistake, please, contact Customer support.

Instructions #

Change shipping address #

To change your shipping address in the system:

1. Log in to the webshop
2. Go to My Account → Address
3. Click edit shipping address

4. Change the registered address into your new address
5. Click the blue-button Save Address.
6. The shipping address is now changed and available for all new orders you will place from now on. The shipping address for existing orders other than the ones with status Waiting for payment cannot be changed.

Separate billing and shipping addresses #

You can have different billing and shipping addresses in the system. There are two options to do this.

If you want to have the new address as the only address in the system:

1. Log in to the webshop
2. Go to My Account → Address
3. At the correct address, click the edit button;
4. Fill in the correct information
5. Click the button Save Address
6. This address is now used for all the orders you place after making this adjustment.

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Orders placed after the 22nd Jan. will start shipping on the 15th Feb.