How to choose an electric skateboard deck? If you find it hard to find out which deck you should have, then it might be a good idea to start by reading about the type of longboarding you want to do.  It’s helpful to understand all the features of a longboard deck so that you know what you’re looking at.

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how to choose a deck for your diy electric skateboard?

Flex or Stiff

First look at the flex of the board. Flex refers to the stiffness of the deck, and you can feel it by stepping down on the longboard to see how much it affects by your weight.  Typically, a flexible deck is good for low speed carving because it bounces as you carve, which helps push you to get deeper and harder carves.
A flexible deck is more comfortable than a stiff deck. A stiff deck is predictable and very stable at high speeds. Stiff decks are also great for off-road because they are predictable so the deck doesn’t bounce around when you hit bumps. 

flexy longboard deck
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Most concave shaped skateboards give you more foothold than flat skateboards, which can take riding and turning to the new level.

Top mount / Drop Through / Drop Down

Top mount decks have the trucks mounted directly underneath the board.This makes the board more maneuverable.

Drop through decks have a cut out where the baseplate sit on top of the deck with rest of the trucks coming through underneath.
This lowers the center of gravity, making the board feel more stable and easier to push. 

A drop down deck is essentially a top mount that has a drop in concave making you stand lower than your trucks on the board.
Drop-down boards have a lowered deck, resulting in the deck being closer to the ground. This lowered platform allows for greater stability and a comfortable easy ride. A drop deck is great for freeriding, pushing, and stable relaxed cruising.

drop-through skate deck
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