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This Air Pump is featured with high pressure and portability. The gauge equipped shows clear pressure status.

Main Features:

  • 300 psi high pressure ensures fast inflation. Meet your demands.
  • Come with a pressure gauge. Enable you to control the pressure condition at real time.
  • The flexible hose is rotary. Designed for convenient inflating.
  • Aluminum alloy barrel is wear resistant. Ensure durable use.
  • US standard nozzle. Universal for bike rear suspension and fork suspension.

Size: 260 * 14mm
Weight: 210g
Material: Aluminum alloy + steel + rubber


Setting tire pressure can make a big difference in the quality of your ride.Too low and you risk pinch flats, added rolling resistance, and quickly wearing out your tires. Too high and you risk a harsh, bumpy ride with less traction. But getting that tire pressure just right will give you more comfortable ride with better grip and handling.

First, determine what your tire pressure should be.

Every tire will give you a recommended starting pressure. To find this range, simply check the sidewall of your tire.

If your valves have dust caps, go ahead remove them.

You’ll know that it’s loose enough when you get a burst of air while pressing the valve core inwards.

Firmly secure the pump’s head to the valve by pushing the head down on the valve as far as you can.

Lock the head by lifting the lever.

Wiggle the head; you shouldn’t feel the valve moving inside.

Now begin pumping.

If you hear air hissing out as you pump, the head is not securely attached to the valve.

Reattach the head and try again.

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge as you pump.

Once you’re within the range printed on the side of the tire, you can stop.

Release the head by pressing the lever down, and quickly pull the head off the valve.

Then, replace the dust cap.

And with that, you’re ready to ride.



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