12S Electric Skateboard Battery Pack

All in one skateboard integrated battery pack, simple & one plug charging. We offer a 12S3P & 12S4PElectric Skateboard Battery Pack using Panasonic 21700 Lithium-Ion Cells made specifically for building a High-Performance Electric Skateboard.
  • Molicel P42A 12S4P
  • Panasonic 21700 12S3P
  • Panasonic 21700 12S4P
  • Samsung 30Q 12S3P
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Introducing the BOUNDMOTOR 12s2p/12S3P Complete Battery Solution. This battery is a ithium-ion battery made from 24/36 premium Panasonic 21700 cells with a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the battery pack and keeps it running safely when operating and charging. If you’re looking to build a super fast board 12s batteries are the way to go. Everything is plug and play, no soldering required. A 12s charger is NOT included with your purchase of the battery.


Cell Brand Cells in Series & Parallel Capacity Output Connector Input Connector Watt-hour Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage: Maximum Voltage: Charging voltage size(cm) Weight(kg)
Samsung 30Q 18650 12S3P 9.0 Ah XT60 Female connector JST 388.8wh 3000mah/cell 3.6v 4.2V 50.4v 41.5 x 13.3 x 2.2cm 2.02kg
Panasonic 21700 12S3P 14.4 Ah XT60 Female connector JST 639.4wh 4800mah/cell 3.7v 4.2V 50.4v 3P:51.5 x 13.2 x 2.3cm 3P: 2.9kg(6.39lb)
Panasonic 21700 12S4P 19.2 Ah XT60 Female connector JST 852.5wh 4800mah/cell 3.7v 4.2V 50.4v 4P:51.5 x 17 x 2.3cm 4P: 3.8kg(8.38lb)
P42A 12S4P 16.8 Ah XT90 Female connector XT30 725.8wh 4200mah/cell 3.6v 4.2V 50.4v 4P:50x17x2.3cm 3.9kg


  • Battery pack * 1
  • Charging Port * 1
  • Fast Charger(4A) * 1 – optional


12S 4A Charger allows you to charge your battery pack more faster.

  • 12S2P: 2.5-3.5 hours
  • 12S3P: 4-5 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
S.M. (Westbury, US)

Bought the battery with the landcruiser deck and i couldnt be any happier with it. The battery really lasts a long time. Im 165lbs and ride at an average speed of 15-20mph and ive been getting about 30+ miles from the battery. Youre gonna get ridiculous mileage out of it. Build quality of the battery and deck are top notch, shipping was fast and the price was very reasonable. You wont regret buying this battery i can gurantee that.

Darren (Adelaide, AU)
You won't regret this

Recently bought this battery and a board to go with it as an upgrade of my existing board. After an hour of test riding, the battery had not even dropped below 75%. This battery will last longer than your calves.

Kelvin Hodge (Hyattsville, US)
I love it

WORKS GREAT and fast delivery

Michael Duarte (Oakville, CA)
Great purchase!

Shipping was unexpectedly quick and the battery was packaged well!

Just waiting on some other parts before a test run.

Antoine Simon (Pessac, FR)
Slim and powerfull

25 km with my 4wd hubs 👍