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  • Top speed: 50kmh
  • Max range: PANASONIC 12s4p 19.2ah: 45-55km
  • Bound ESC: based on VESC 6.0
  • New Full Covered Grip Tape
  • 3K
  • Forged
  • 150MM-6''
  • 175MM-7''
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All Terrains & powerful board for experienced rider

Wherever you’re headed, FLASH is the best way to get there. This electric skateboard is very comfortable, intuitive to use, and a ton of fun to ride. You can easily climb hills and explore new destinations knowing you have enough power to get it all done.



Up to 55KM







3K Forged
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The boundmotor flash is the next generation of boards from this company from the moment you open the box you are greeted with a quality product. I was extremely happy when I hit the Excelerator for the first time and it almost threw me off, the power is unquestionable, and with the new upgraded VESC and VX2 remote is also smooth and controllable everything about this board has been refined, from its super large battery to it topside power button and charge port. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next
Scott Davies
it's so powerful, this board is so powerful it's so freaking powerful. i've ridden this board up a hill before it's still really fast so who is this board for i guess it's for someone who wants a really powerful board someone who wants to accelerate really fast and also for someone heavy because then you'll benefit from all that torque or if you live on hills well anyway the point is if you want a really powerful board this is a really powerful board good looking powerful board.
Daniel Kwan

Built for ultimate comfort

This might be the most comfortable electric skateboard you’ll ever ride. A well programmed esc, concave deck, and endless power keep you comfortable so you can focus on exploring the world around you.


The VESC® BLDC is the latest and greatest Open Source ESC which we specifically use to control our Electric Skateboard Motors. It was built from the ground up with many customize-able settings that traditional RC ESCs don’t offer.

BOUND ESC compatible with VESC® Software.

0 %
1 Ah

Fun doesn’t have to be complicated. FLASH has intuitive, easy-to-use controls, smooth, simple shifting, and enough battery power to boost your ride there AND back. All you have to think about is where you’ll go next!


0 km

They’re fast and smooth. With new FLASH,  you can adventure longer, commute quicker, and climb hills more easily. The upgraded battery  makes riding your board even more exciting and enjoyable, and quality components and comfort features make going farther and faster more fun than ever.



The powerful direct drive motor offers  smooth ride and just the right amount of support. The 1500-watt motor is centrally located near the bottom bracket and supports speeds of up to 50kmh.


105mm rubber airless wheels, 120mm cloud wheels, 150-190mm, A variety of pneumatic tires to cope with all kinds of rough roads.

Keep track of your vesc based eSk8 on the go

This  VESC Bluetooth Module allows you to get real time data from your VESC. Built with mature NRF module to relay data to your iOS or Android Phone. 

VESC tool

vesc tool for android



  • Color screen
  • Option choice for km/h and miles/h
  • 2.4Ghz band width
  • Real time data reading and 0.95OLED display
  • Support 3 speed modes
  • Support cruise control mode
  • Remote and E-skateboard power indication lights
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Wrist strap
  • Battery last for 12 working hours


power switch, charing port, battery display, all in one block, easy to plug and charge without flip over your board.

BOUNDMOTOR FLASH AT Electric Skateboard-CNC Hub 150mm

Fly up hills and tough terrain

Whether you’re on pavement or dirt, the powerful motor helps you make short work of any climb, leaving you with more energy to enjoy the ride.The skateboard comes with a 1500-watt 6368 170kv belt drive motor, which is also known for being powerful. This will make it easy to ride even on hills and will make it easy to achieve its top speed.

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United States
7-13 days
3-7 days (Excluding holidays)
Canada7-15 days
7-13 days (Excluding holidays)
Australia10-15 days
7-13 days (Excluding holidays)
EU20-25 days12-20 days (Excluding holidays)

RangeUp to 55KM
Motor TypeBelt Drive System
Hill ClimbingUp to 30% Grade
Weight14.3kg(175mm Pneumatic wheels)
Power1500 Watts/Motor
Top SpeedUp to 50KMH
Ride Modes3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros
Ground Clearance10cm(175mm wheel set)
Deck Dimensions39.4*10.4inches(100*26.5cm)
BrakesRegenerative Brakes
Motor6368 170kv
Max Load100 kg / 220 lbs

  • Your new BOUND FLASH
  • Super fast 4A charger
  • VX2 Remote
  • T skate tool
  • Air Pump
Carbon Fiber Pattern



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