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Support Bar + Bracket
Ervin Abalos (Arlington, US)
Support Bar

Good quality, nice black finish, fast shipping and good communication.

Hota 150mm

I love the rubber tires! Nice and grippy, comfortable and centered.

RKP 390
ᴬᵏᵃˡⁱᴬ (London, CA)
Adjustable trucks are the future (RKP 390)

I ordered RKP 390 adjustable trucks for my Odyssey and replaced my stock TKP to RKP 390 as I wanted the high quality CNC precision trucks for better durability and this is ultra wide trucks and it is sexy. The quality is superb and Boundmotor killed it once again with these amazing trucks. It took me awhile to find the right angle and bushing setup but it does turn amazingly. Wide trucks keeps the board ultra stable at high speed (depends on your bushing choices) and makes your overall look of board look like a beast. This kit arrives with everything you need in order to assemble it and I used blue 243 Loctite to apply everything when assembling. Boundmotor offers RipTide bushings and you can choose which bushings setups you want for it for the trucks. I got the hard ones and I find that they are too stiff for me so I swapped it back to stock black ones that came with the board originally. I might get the white one for either the front or the back for better carving and turnability. I set mine to 55° on the front and 35° for the rear. I might play around with it a bit more as 55° or 50° on the front and rear might be better for carving and turning. What's amazing thing about this trucks is overall quality and attention to detail. There are two bolts on the side where I can undone it to adjust the angle of the trucks and lock them in place by tightening up the bolts. You can choose to get either 10mm axle option for Trampa style wheels or 10-8mm axle option for standard wheels. Everything is well packaged and no single damage on arrival. Professionally well done and everyone should get these trucks asap.

Quality: ★★★★★
Durability: ★★★★★
Turnability: ★★★★☆ (depends on the choices of bushings and angle)
Carving: ★★★★★
Package: ★★★★★
Difficulty level of assembly: Easy

Sakura Hub Set
Ian Gray (Hood River, US)
Fantastic quality for price

Bought these parts to upgrade my Exway Atlas and they are amazing! The only thing that was disappointing was that I was missing two screws from the set

CNC Machined Cup Washer
PS (London, GB)
110% Recommend

There is zero slop. Fit snug on Venom DH barrels. Hard to explain but; Limits/Nulls/Controls, the last few mms of travel on the lean & you can feel the full response of the bushings. Locks the bushings perfectly in place. 👌 Easily drop 2 Duros on your bushing setup & have better stability & better control. Much more fluid movement & very good return to the center. Small part but makes for a big difference/upgrade. Thanks BoundMotor.

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Deck
Jordon Tolson (Winchester, US)
Meepo shuffle swap.

I bought this and swapped my meepo shuffle deck with this one. Took a couple of modifications but worked great.

Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts V3
Hope Decarlo (Alpharetta, US)
Motor mounts

So far so good

Bearing Set
Devin Hunt (Surrey, CA)
Bearing set

Delivery was very quick, they did mess my order up but was quick to send the proper size I needed

155MM HOTA All Terrain Wheel Set
Lars Brattvall (Taellberg, SE)
155mm All terrain wgheel

Thank you for great service.

200MM CST All Terrain Wheel Set
Robert Campbell (San Antonio, US)
CST 200mm All terrain wheels

Thanks for your patience! I wanted to put some miles on these wheels before giving a review.
After several hundred miles they are performing flawless and still look like new. Thank you! YouTube video placeholder
Warren Tyson (De Pere, US)
Amazing products!

Could not be happier with my purchase, everything I asked for and amazing quality. They helped me with all my questions and responded quickly. Amazing customer service and a great website. I have already put over 600 miles just in the first month with zero problems. They built my board to perfection.

Smart Tail Light
Houman Motaghyan (Boardman, US)

Smart Tail Light

155MM HOTA All Terrain Wheel Set
Martin Shaffer (Taos, US)
New tires 105mm OD

Work like new, domestic have the same tread pattern as old tire

Decent Product

The enclosure is a pain in the butt, need to do lots of drills and holes to fit my own DIY electronics, for the price its a decent product but definitely could use some tweaks. The grip tape comes loose and doesn't seem to have much adhesion so you need to fix it yourself, the enclosure "could" be easier to put on, but once you get it down it's not too hard.

Thank you for your suggestion, we will further optimize the grip tape and also make the battery enclosure easier to install.

Slime Wheel
Jesse McFadden (Melbourne, AU)

These wheels are pretty damn fine, they ride a bit harder than the Boa's I'm used to, I was surprised by their level of grip (once broken in) with the reduced contact patch (compared to Boa's again) and am overall very pleased with them. They look great, give good road feel (if a little firm) and are decently priced. Overall pretty happy with them. Would definitely 5 star with an option of softer compound


Its a perfect deck for 4wd and 12s5p setup.
The ground clearance without red spacer and with 100mm street wheel is 47mm

Best Deck For Long Range and Racing!

I brought this board to test the weight limit. I'm 280lbs and it passed the test since May 2022. The deck is very stiff and strong as heck. I think they need to update their information about this deck. Also, turning on this deck is super sensitive. The W-concave/flat-concave does improve your performance if you are racing. This board is awesome! I will buy again! Respect! I hope you do a carbon fiber deck for this kit. I will love you!


Bought it for my first DIY build. Its comfortable and it was easy to put everything inside. I wish hole for wires beneath the board at the back was a bit bigger but apart from that its perfect. Would reccommend.

150MM Airless Wheel AT
Aaron Mcoffroadason (Burnley, GB)
Airless Wheel Yo!

I've done around 200 miles on these tires and not 1 puncher yet.... thanks Boundmotor's

VESC Remote Controller VX2
ᴬ. (London, CA)
Excellent remote

This is a excellent VESC remote controller that comes with receiver for the board. It's on the bulky side but I love the fact that the screen is placed on the top of the remote so I don't have to tilt it to the side or rotate it to look at it while riding but the whole split look in the middle of the remote controller kind of ruins the overall looks which Flipsky needs to improve on as I could see internal parts from the top through the gaps. There are more VESC remote controller options out there which I'd like to see become available here soon.

This deck is amazing on Odyssey!

I am so glad that Boundmotor recommended me to go with this deck and 12S8P enclosure for my new board. Dropdown deck is sexy as heck and it locks both of my feet in place. That low rider feel makes riding so much more stable and its deck is long and wide enough to comfortably stand on when going for a long ride session. This is one of the best deck I ever had on the board and also looking attractive as well. Make your board look sexy by going with Octopus deck for your build!

150MM HOTA All Terrain Wheel Set
Jeff D'Amico (Avon, US)
Didn’t fix the issue, although a little improvement

I bought these HOTA tires to fix a vibration I have on my Ownboard Zues Pro stock board. It came with Sunmate tires which have a terrible vibration. Although its a little better, its not as good as I had hoped. I still have decent vibration in the 25-30MPH range. I think Cloudwheels may be a better option.

Turbo charge your e-board!

Are you into kick ass turbo noises on turbo charged tuned up cars that you've seen on movies and on video and even on live event shows? Do you wish that you had those sick turbo charged psssssh and whistle noises on your e-boards? If that's yes, then you came to the right place because these motors are perfectly for you! I have 6374 motors on my Odyssey and they make such a beautiful musical tunes along with turbo charged noises when riding the board that it always puts big smiles to my face and makes riding super enjoyable! These are by far best sounding motors I ever heard (and even gorgeous looking at that) and also super powerful as well. I highly recommend these motors! Oh, trust me. You'll be super happy as I am! You won't regret it!

Sakura Hub Set
Fulcran (Paris, FR)
Cannot use it

This hub is apparently of a excellent quality. unfortunately, I ordered it when the website was not giving the information that it needs special bearings. i ordered the bearings in the move, but I still wait them. Bounmotors, it is not possible to wait an intra EU order this long. I am really sad to write this because the items quality is there.

Belt Drive Motor Kit
ᴬᵏᵃˡⁱᴬ (London, CA)

This is the most gorgeous looking belt drive motor kit I ever seen. I love how their newly designed motor mounts V3 sits flush right on to the motor trucks compared to the ones I've seen that sits on top of it that doesn't really make them look too clean. Everything is well put together and with massive 6374 motors, they are amazing. I never had issue with these and if you want to complete the entire looks, get the rest of the motor bashguards (brackets+support) and idler.