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Direct Drive Wheel Adapter
Jan Vetrovec (Prague, CZ)

Direct Drive Wheel Adapter

The best carbon fiber deck

Recently bought the flash carbon fiber deck for a DIY. To me this is the best carbon fiber deck compare to others. It came with top mount charger port, battery indicator and on/off button. I will definitely get another one for a second diy build

Jonathan Bryant (Antioch, US)
Boundmotor Flash

So far I’m very impressed with this board!. I use as my commuter and no problems so far. Very powerful, great range!

Power Hungry (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing board

This board is awesome! I would have gone for a more spongy grip like Dope Grip because it’s soo powerful that your feet end up sliding backwards on bumpy roads. I had an issue with the battery display that stopped working, but was sent a new one right away. All in all, this board out-performs all the other boards on the track. It’s super smooth, love the drop down, monster motors are cool to the touch while others on the track are too hot to touch. I would have loved to see a Molicel battery version. This board has crazy power – very addictive.

Great deck very sturdy

I really like this deck at first I though the lcd screen and the metal plates would be cheap after thoughts, I was surprised to see such high quality.

Land cruiser

Great deck for diy I highly recommend it

Direct Drive Wheel Adapter
Adam Kamm (Aurora, US)
Boundmotor Adapter on Onsra Direct Drive Skateboard

It mostly fit. Used Bluetak to fill the small gap.
Fits the 150mm Evolve Wheels !

Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded)
Jaime Leonel Mendoza (Carson, US)

These things are no joke. Love them on my 121C board. Custom built.

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM
Brad P. (Livonia, US)
Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM

These work well on my D1. Nice to have a little extra ground clearance (compared to the 105mm rubber wheels/tires) for the direct-drive motors.


Great product and fast shipper

Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded)
Jørgen Eye (Hamar, NO)
Direct Drive motor kit

Everything worked fine. No issues. Strong and smooth motors. No overheating issues at all!

Andrea Zorzi (Codiverno, IT)
Top quality

Everything is made with very good quality, really powerfull and very long range battery…just 1 think I don’t like: the brightness of the remote screen is very low, difficult to see with sunshine

Pneumatic Tire
Chief (Penticton, CA)
Fast replacement parts

Surprised at how quick my order came, got what I needed, well done Boundmotor

Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded)
Saul Salazar (Los Angeles, US)

Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded)

Jake (Silver Spring, US)
Solid board

This is a well built drop down…its tough and slick. I have 16 eboards and this build will be my #1 for now..paired with the vesc and remote with the massive batter its a super combo with great response and range.
The factory bushing set up hase good rebound.
Cato is great with answering questions and fast response, he knows his product well and he shows his pride in there brand even with the packaging of the board. I’m still impressed.
To all at Boundmotor thank you!

New D1
Anonymous (Dallas, US)

Amazing customer service the board is just so much fun I cant explain it

Double Kingpin Trucks for Direct Drive
Norman Witten (Suffolk, US)

Double Kingpin Trucks for Direct Drive

Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded)
Jan Vetrovec (Prague, CZ)

Maximum satisfaction.

High quality ESC

Overall, very good powerful ESC. Beware that there is no on-switch included, nor is there any 4-pin ports for an external on-switch to be connected. You will need to buy an anti-spark switch separately in order to properly turn this ESC off.

Thanks for your review, the x-core pro come with anti spark switch. if you haven’t received it, it must be missed. we have sent you email.

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Deck
Brock Eyerly (Washington, US)

Awesome board great super fast shipping

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM
Patrick L. (Vienna, AT)
Excellent service

Received my Order of 120mm Cloudwheels + Direct Drive Adapter in about a week.
Everything fine, price was okay and my riding experience improved a lot

Double Kingpin Trucks for Belt Drive
Devlyn Patheal (Seattle, US)

Double Kingpin Trucks for Belt Drive

Airless Wheels
Matthew L. (Vancouver, CA)
Great wheels for poor road conditions. Not the best grip on smooth pavement.

The rain grooves and holes help a lot on rough, dirty or wet roads. These are not AT wheels so don’t try to offroad too much on them, they’ll still slide. Contact patch could be larger to help with rolling speed and carve traction. Once worn down a bit they become amazing.

On Off Power Switch for Bound VESC
Catherine Breen (Fairfax, US)

Incredible would buy again has nice blue light is durable and pairs with my remote immediately

VESC Remote Controller
Tortuga Cartwright (Phoenix, US)
Boundmotor remote

Well, I have yet to recieve my Deck so I can’t give you an answer yet. But once it’s delivered I’m almost certain that I’ll have some hella nice chit to say. Ask me again once y’all know it was delivered.

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