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Pneumatic Inner Tube
Jan Vetrovec (Prague, CZ)

Pneumatic Inner Tube

50.4V 4A Charger for 12S Li-ion Battery Pack
Dareon Lelond (Saskatoon, CA)

50.4V 4A Charger for 12S Li-ion Battery Pack


I've tried it a couple of times but it seems work very well.

50.4V 4A Charger for 12S Li-ion Battery Pack
Joselito Remo (Sugar Land, US)
Well Built and Reliable 50.4V 4A Charger

I highly recommend this charger for 12S battery. Well built and reliable. Delivery was prompt and packaged well.

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM
Timothy Chan (Chicago, US)

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Deck
Jaime Leonel Mendoza (Long Beach, US)
Nothing but positive results!!

Nothing but good things. This board feels and rides like a a dream. Plenary of torque with Boundmotor direct drive motors. The vesc works great fully tune-able.

Charging Dock
Jan Vetrovec (Prague, CZ)

Charging Dock

VESC Remote Controller VX2
Jonathan Bryant (Huntsville, US)

Works great

Phantom Hub
James McFadyen (Melbourne, AU)
Oil slick Hubs

Exquisitely precision crafted, the level of detail is superb.

Massive enclosure

I can easily fit two 12s4p battery in still have a space for my VESC.

Michael Hightower (Los Angeles, US)
Reliable, Durable, and Efficient

What do you want for your money? You want value. The most expensive or less costly boards don't equate to value. Boundmotor Flash is the best value available. It's a quality board. It's powerful. It's a carving machine. It's beautiful. It performs well, and I appreciate that they listened to reviews to further evolve this board before my purchase. Buy this board, and you'll never feel like anyone has a better board than you. If you want more stability for it's top speed (which it achieves fast) you can upgrade to a firmer bushing. I'm fine with my Boundmotor Flash exactly the way they made it. Thank You, Boundmotor. Your product is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much for your comments, we will continue to optimize and make this skateboard better.

One of the best carbon decks made

This is by far one of the best carbon decks on the market. Ive tried B one, eovan, bibuff, hurricane and this one beats them all. quality and aesthetics are top tier. this is why my company has selected this deck to be our platform for custom builds in this class of board. Bound Motors customer service is top notch also!

Awesome deck

Deck is gorgeous and build quality is absolutely excellent. It absorbs road chatter quite well and is a perfect length to where its managble to carry and long to get good carves in. The price is excellent too you wont regret buying it. Shipping was good as well took about 7 days in total to get it in NYC.

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Deck
Henri Holub (Eugene, US)
Good budget carbon deck

It was what I expected
If you want to fit 2 motors with 12 awg and sensors you will have to grind out the cable channel, I knew that I would going into this.
I also had to drill out the bolt holes because they were slightly too small, but that's no big deal as well
Looks slick
I am definitely a fan

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM
Nhut Chiem (Sacramento, US)
Cloudwheels Review

Ratings from 1-10
Ride-ability: 8
Grip: 7
Traverse Obstacles: 8

Notes: It’s a smooth ride for sure. Slides a bit more than rubber, less than urethane. The size allows the wheels to roll over most obstacles.

Downside. The wheels are soft. Sharp debris can easily chip, cut through, or get lodged in the wheel.

comment about Carbon Fiber Deck

hi there! great product, with very good finishing/
Looks great!
thanks you very much!


Bought the battery with the landcruiser deck and i couldnt be any happier with it. The battery really lasts a long time. Im 165lbs and ride at an average speed of 15-20mph and ive been getting about 30+ miles from the battery. Youre gonna get ridiculous mileage out of it. Build quality of the battery and deck are top notch, shipping was fast and the price was very reasonable. You wont regret buying this battery i can gurantee that.

Nhut Chiem (Sacramento, US)
Didn’t regret buying 2!

Bought a Flash, and 20 days later, bought ANOTHER !

Been riding skateboards for 20 years. Got the BOOSTED when it first came out, V1- Gen 1. Been an e-skater for at least 10 years. Needed a board with POWER, SPEED, and COMFORT.

Researched for months, endless specs, videos, reviews. All other boards in the same category goes for $1000 dollars more.

Flash took all the best components and features that clients wanted and combined it into a board that is affordable and competitive.

I was looking for another alternative board, but couldn’t find another one to match, thus I bought a duplicate. One for dedicated street riding and the other for all terrain.

Pneumatic Inner Tube
Chief (Penticton, CA)
Tires and tubes

Got em, fast shipping, good service, thanks

Very nice deck

Excellent product

Charge Port
Alexander Hamilton (San Marcos, US)
Works great!

I needed a charge port for my diy board so I ordered this one, works great! Happy with my purchase, especially glad they had an XT60 variant!

Octopus Deck kit review

Awesome board and enclosure. Better than expected.

Board Builder
Glenn Speer (Vancouver, US)
Custom longboard

Great board good range the drop down deck and hub motors work great together plenty of power on hills even in slowest mode.

Cloud Wheels-Discovery 120MM
Robert Thomson (Tainan City, TW)
Buy them, its necessity.

Like water to the body these wheels are to the boards. BoundMotor's Flash needs this lol it increases road fun x4. Nothing wrong with the AT wheels they do great for every other aspect but these man I'm telling you can carve very well and are fun.

Robert Thomson (Tainan City, TW)
I regret not buying two.

1) This board is powerful, I didn't realize it through video reviews. It's more then I can handle and I like going quick on my Ducati. Be Safe wear a helmet I already ate it. (My fault hit the breaks to hard on a turn)
2) Buy this board with cloud wheels you won't regret it. This thing carves and man is it so much fun. I can lean in to a curve on flat ground with those tires its amazing. (I'm 220 6'2 and it handles me with ease)
3) Its a beautiful board. Its like a engineer ascetically mixed with the cool carbon forge has nice flickering look. My favorite design out of boards I've seen.
4) Buy Hard Bushings for speed and keep the stock bushing for carving. I really suggest getting Harder 100a Bushings above 13mph/15km. I upgraded to Thunder 100du and now cruise at 30kmh. (Goes well beyond that)
5) The battery life is great. I'll ride for about an hour and have about 80-75% left cruising to my local 7 eleven at night. You will be tired before the battery is. You could easily commute with this board.
6) I read some reviews on the support side of things and I have to say they worked with me extremely well and I read some reviews on reddit and I feel like those people in questions are Karens.

My suggestion is buy this board you won't regret it, its the best board overall (Rounded). If it's you're first board I suggest staying in the Low Settings like I do as its my first eboard.
If you think you would regret it after you can find me on some forums or in Taiwan and sell yours to me. I'm thinking of buying a second one to have for friends over. (Best thing to do is watch friends enjoying concrete sandwich)
If you're in TW and want to do some riding down hill in Tainan area or Houbi hit me up.