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Wooah, stop looking in other places….

So, after 6 boards ranging from the early 250W PU wheeled boards with weak batteries to what I’m about to reference, the Titan is excellence in all regards.

First off- the debate between hub vs Direct drive vs Belt drive– The Titan is an example of where application perfectly applies to the boards needs. Hub motors on a all-terrain board to me, and many others, make sense. Typically water-resistant, sand/dustproof (almost). the lack of space and unsealed parts you find in a hub motor vs its other options puts it way ahead for upkeep and a ‘new rider’ looking for a solid investment.
Second – follow that up with the proper wheel size (190mm!). its a great balance of torque / mobility / weight. I live NYC and have worked with a road that goes from glass – like asphalt to a suddenly broken road, if you’ve been in that situation, its chaos that ends with a crash, a close call with traffic, or damage to the magnets due to a bad impact, DONT HAVE THAT FEAR! this board can take on surface change like nothing I’ve used — and I own a 10inch off-road monster with dual shocks (mototec 1600w AT skateboard).
Lastly – and most importantly for consumers these days- this can carry the weight; AND MORE. the torque simply is something i have not witnessed in hub motors on skateboards. this kinda pick-up is seen with electric bikes typically decked out with heavier motors and more dense batteries etc. Be Careful! start slow. this can nearly wheely on full throttle. I have fallen once (my own fault). and felt how much i need to respect these motors. Nothing like it really on market. 9/10. great job boundmotor!


Great wheels! Upgraded hub materials. Fit well on direct drive adapters. Give them some time to break in.

Excellent product

Speed ​​over 50 kilometers with complete stability at the top speed. It’s a great product.


Good quality. Thank you.

Work like a charm

Perfect for my DIY build. Fast shipping as well. Thank you

Great wheels!

They grip really well! Fun to shred and so Smooth
Paired with dual 120KV, Vesc 6.6, VX2, 10s4P
(225 lb Rider) 15-18 miles range.

Good board

Bonne petite planche pour ma fille idéal, pour moi 85kg c est un peu juste, belle finition si ce n est que le grip se décolle
Bref bon rapport qualité prix


Absulutley love this board!
-super silent motors
-good quality deck
-really nice wheels

Unfortunately the windmill adapters were missing and I noticed it too late when I wanted to change the wheels.
By then the warranty had already expired. Apart from that everything is 100%

Good quality wheels!

Good whells with 66T pulley! Much better on offroad now!

Skateboard Drive Gear

Just what I needed for the windmill wheels to mount on my boundmotor direct drives. Thanks

Direct drive motor

I’m enjoying my direct drive motor upgrade. It’s a well put together motor with the feel of quality and durability. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch esk8 motor drive.

Great direct drive motors and customer service

Ordered direct drive conversion kit and put it on my first custom built electric skateboard. Power is amazing these motors offer plenty of speed. Seeing as it’s my first build I had a lot of noob questions while putting it all together and the setting on Vesc tools, but Cato was always on the other end of chat and helped me loads. I’ll be honest I chatted with him that much that I honestly thought I was on the verge of harassment 🙂 but Cato was always on the other end of chat willing to help and for that I can’t thank him enough. Great service would definitely recommend.


very good quality and still cheap.

quiet and powerful directdrive kit .

suitable for 10s3p and 12s3p.

Not so good with non-electric skateboards

To much drag and feels slow when I set up the wheels on my longboard on flat ground, but was nice going down hill. At speed these wheels are great and very comfortable plus they look great. If your a electric or downhill boarder you can’t go wrong.

Well done!

I have purchased this wheels kit (175mm) for a skateboard that I am building and everything arrived well packaged and in good order. Good bearings too. Bearing diameter should be checked if you are planning to use axles of different diameters. Good value for money!

Great quality!

I was surprised by the great quality of this board! I have bought this board because i needed a dropdown deck but this is really going over my expectation (considering other parts purchased elsewhere). Thanks!

Not yet used

Received but have not used but looks well made

Great service

Thanks for including the belts to drive your awesome Boundmotor Windmill wheels. They’re the hottest skate wheel on the market at the moment and I was desperately waiting for you to offer the belts for the Evolve boards. Well done!!!!

50.4V 4A Charger for 12S Li-ion Battery

Great product, easy to modify. cuts off .4V early as a safety precaution.

Keep bugging you to give a review

Bound motor delivered on their product well, and it was functional. However I have received several emails from them aggressively requesting a review: so here it is – 1 star. Learn a thing or two about customer relations before sending numerous emails ultimately annoying a customer who was otherwise satisfied with your product.

MTB Wheels

Top, fast delivery, no problem!

Awesome !!!

Excellent product and Super fast shipping. Two thumbs 👍🏾👍🏾 way up

Rides Well

Fun to ride. Shipping was a hassle with a few weeks delay, but it was all fun when it was built.

Works really well. Shipping was a hassle with a few weeks delay, but it was all fun when I built it.

Bearings are a real issue

Unfortunately the bearings are so bad that I could not even use them and I’ve been trying to exchange them since I received your order but it’s almost insane to get them out! Any recommendations on how to achieve and to get the job done in regards to what you would recommend? I don’t care about the bearings you send and if they break within the process. I greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance greetz Axel

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