Land Cruiser

Dropdown design, Support 12S4P 21700.
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200A, Based on VESC 6.0
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Dropdown design, Support 12s3p and 12s8p battery.
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Phantom Hub

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Skateboard Wheels

When buying skateboard wheels, it’s important that you pick wheels to fit your trucks, your deck and most importantly, your ride style! Wheel diameter will affect things like your speed and the tightness of your turns.

Airless Wheels

Designed to perform in the toughest terrain, 105mm diameter gives you a new level of confidence to traverse over larger cracks, divots, and even train and tram tracks. No need to be timid and take those tracks head-on.

All Terrain Pneumatic Wheels

Easily convert your street wheel electric skateboard into a more comfortable ride for cruising on a beach or riding on a tough road. Thanks to the air in our tires, our all-terrain pneumatic tires for DIY electric skateboards are super comfortable and soft. 150mm & 175mm, very easy to carry and can easily commute with on your daily route.

Hub & Wheel Pulley

Additional accessories and useful tools for DIY customers. Here you can find the bearing set, spacer, and other items available only at BOUNDMOTOR.
Featured image for “Sakura Hub Set”

Sakura Hub Set

Featured image for “Phantom Hub”

Phantom Hub