Slime Wheel

  • Available in BLACK, and WHITE, all in the same 75a Soft Premium Urethane.
  • Sakura Hub version: 60T wheel pulley.
  • Phantom Hub version: 55T wheel pulley.
White tires are in stock.

3 in stock

  • *Choose Your Hub
    *Slime Tire Color
    *Slime Tire Color
    *Slime Tire Color
    *Phantome Hub Color
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    *Bearing Adapter

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Slime Tires Size info


  • 130mmX50mm
  • 75A
  • Pulley Teeth Count: 60T(Bearing OD: 26mm, use 6000 bearings <26x10x8> for 10mm axle.)
  • Belt Type: 5M
  • Width: 15mm
  • Included Bearing.
  • Durable Nylon Design.
  • Simple and Easy Installation.

What's in the Box?

  • 4x 130mm Slime Tires
  • 4x Sakura Hub(60T) or Phantom Hub(55T)
  • 2x 60T/55T Wheel Pulley


  • Trucks
    • Works with double kingpin Trucks(10mm to 8mm step down axles)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jesse McFadden (Melbourne, AU)

These wheels are pretty damn fine, they ride a bit harder than the Boa's I'm used to, I was surprised by their level of grip (once broken in) with the reduced contact patch (compared to Boa's again) and am overall very pleased with them. They look great, give good road feel (if a little firm) and are decently priced. Overall pretty happy with them. Would definitely 5 star with an option of softer compound

ᴬᵏᵃˡⁱᴬ (London, CA)
Slime Wheels with Phantom Hubs are gorgeous!

I bought these set of Slime Wheels with Phantom Hubs and I just received it today. Boundmotor's team has done amazing job packaging these wheels that looked too complicated to pack into the box due to its size and the weight but they've done it no problem! I took these set of wheels out and I must say that these are gorgeous. This is the second set of Phantom Hubs I bought so far and now I have it with Slime Wheels and I'm extremely happy with these wheels! I'm impressed with its quality and the colours on these wheels with white Slime Wheels PU tires (I can't stop talking about it!) and these will now stay on my board forever!

hop105nyc (New York, US)
Smooth operator

It gives Excellent feedback with a smooth ride. Also eats up road imperfections with ease.