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Motor Mounts V3
Manpreet singh Narwan

Thing i like deck clearance with these mounts!

Octopus deck kit

quick shipment,correct email status,friendely support service,fast response from support/info service

Charge Port
Rhonda Hornbuckle Hornbuckle
Works great.

Took a little bit of time to get it but it fit like a charm and worked great with my existing electric mountain board.

Support Bar + Bracket
Manpreet singh Narwan
Great support bar

I bought this support bar and change color looks amazing now

Land Cruiser
Replaced my ownboard deck with this beauty!!

I have an ownboard Zeus that had a deck that was bending and breaking, I thought maybe this deck would work to just switch everything over to, and it worked beautifully. Board is super strong and it looks amazing!

Best option for CNC hangars!

Got these after I had some speed wobbles going 30+ on my TKPs, what a difference! Feel much more confident at speed, and with the right bushing setup carves just as well (I rock 88/83a riptide WFBs/95a pivot cups). Been using them about 8mos and they've held up great. Can't beat that price for CNC hangars.

Very strong

A minibus hit my skateboard. 8 inch wheels were installed. Inflated to 38 bar. The wheels held up. Hubs too. But the suspension was bent. You don't have to worry about this hubs. I've already checked them)) YouTube video placeholder
RKP 390
Harmen van Mourik

I was looking for extra wide trucks to use on my DIY e-freebord and I must say that these work perfect :) Only thing is that the baseplates are to high for my build so I had to change them out for another brand. The build quality of the RKP 390's is really good. I'm hoping to get my hands on different lenghts of axles so I can finetune the width of the wheels some more.

Wobble Like Crazy

No amount of reseating the tire and inner tube would solve the wobble in 3/4 of the wheels. It seems the tires had a defect when formed in the factory. I contacted Boundmotor three times on separate occasions but was ghosted all three times.

10A Charger

I couldn't be happier with the charger and charging port. The digital read out on the smart charger is easy to read and I trust that it will help the lifespan of my battery. The charging port is durable and locks the cable in place. If you're thinking about upgrading, do it!! Best choice I've made in regards to my battery charging upgrade. Just make sure your battery can handle a 10A charge.

Smart Tail Light
Bobby Douglas

Timely delivery and was very well made. Really brings a futuristic aesthetic to my diy board

Best wheels!

Replaced my pneumatics with these and will never switch back. No more punctures or blowouts. AND--they are lasting forever. I used to wear through pneumatic tires in a couple weeks. I've had these on the board for months and still looking and riding great. These wheels are a must have. No idea why pneumatic wheels are even a thing anymore.

Hub Motors
Hussein Dakrouri
Bound Atom

Revived my Atom electric skateboard with boundmotors Hub kit. This kit is exactly what the board needed. Made with high quality components; Sleek finish; semi-offroad capabilities and soooo much more powerful, on stock batteries and esc. Couldn’t have asked for a better hub kit… a whole new riding experience…

RKP 390
Great trucks

Bought the Rkp 390’s and they are amazing. They are ultra wide and look great. Assembly was easy. Great truck set for any diy board at a good price.

Octopus Deck Kit
Ian Hollingworth

Octopus Deck Kit- 12S8P Enclosure with New Dropdown Skateboard Deck

Replacement of my old maxfind trucks, a real upgrade!

The trucks are well made, I like the overall quality, exactly what i needed to replace my damaged maxfind trucks. I could use all parts, only the motor hanger was not compatible. The trucks are a little wider, so I'm having the complete boundmotor truck in the front, the original smaller maxfind hanger with the boundmotor base in the back. I changed the roadside bushings to riptide 85A cone in the front, and 85A barrell in the back. Board side bushings front & back are the standard (around) 95A, which were included in the truck delivery. Pivot cups ar still standard, at the moment I'm happy with them.

Im around 75Kg, with this setup I reached a better/ deeper/ more stable carving, using my 105mm cloud wheels, with increased speed stability. I really like this new setup with the wider truck in the front, so much fun... perfect for my riding style!!!!!

Nice Trucks with improvement potential

On the positive side: trucks look very valuable, the workmanship is at a very high level. Order, delivery, packaging everything fine.

Findings so far after assembly and test drive:

During assembly, I noticed that the motors cannot be set at the same height, this could be adjusted using the flange attached to the axle.

The trucks added about 2cm in height (compared to my 12" TKP), which takes some effort to get used to.

What amazed me is the rigidity of the truck, so the board shows a completely different handling than my previous trucks. Here I would have expected a softer /forgiving handling, which swallows the bumps in the road easily, but it rides like a go-kard.

The tilt angle of the trucks can be adjusted, but only within a very limited range, I would estimate around 20 degrees. I'm still trying to find a suitable setting for me.

The angular ratio of the bolt circle of the engine mount compared to the mounting flange to the truck is unfavorable, so the engines are to far down to the ground and therefore have less ground clearance. There is no bash guard available (nor can it be purchased separately) to protect the engines. My query regarding this to support, has never been answered.

Conclusion: My first impression is rather disappointing, well made, but details are not worked out. Driving behavior takes a lot of getting used to, compared to my 12" TKP trucks. Whether the upcoming fine tuning will bring the desired result is still open, maybe the 12" TKP are better choice for me.

Thank you for your feedback. Appreciate that.
You can try a little more angle on the front wheel with softer bushing. and see how it goes.

Belt Drive Motor Kit
Jason Spencer
Great Wheels

Very nimble and balanced for pneumatic tires. The best I've used.

X Core Pro ESC
Jeremy Dixon
Under rated

I was running it with a 13s8p battery without any problems. Thank god it’s under rated. Im told its rated as 3s-12s. Thank you boundmotor. I love it.

Anti-Sink Plate
daniil sklyarov
Anti-Sink Plate very high quality

these plates are nice in matte black color can suite and color skateboard good thing to buy.

Phantom Hub

상품은 좋다. 그런데 아직 보드에 장착하지 못했다. 조만간 할 것이다.

Hota 150mm tubes for all-terrain tires

I wasn’t able to use the tracking information for shipping…had faith and everything was all good…much more fun riding stress free on new tubes with spares in the bag!

Cloud Wheels-ROVERS 165R
Very Happy!

very happy with my purchase. I loved the wheels. I appreciate the good attention and that they could give me the possibility of buying from Chile. Without a doubt I will continue buying more spare parts and maybe a complete skate.

Grip Tape-Octopus Deck
Sethavone Pisaygnane
Grip tap

Excellent grip tap, I like the pattern a lot.

X Core Pro ESC
andre versteeg

Did not overheat