6374 6384 170kv Belt Drive Motors

  • 6374
  • 6384
  • MOTOR x 1
  • MOTOR x 2

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Motor Type Belt Drive
Sensor or Sensorless Sensor
Brush or Brushless Brushless
Braking Regenerative braking
KV Value 170 (KV / V)
Rated power 1500W
Connectors 5.5mm bullet connectors
The number of pole 14
Diameter 63mm
Width 68mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
ᴬ. (London, CA)
Turbo charge your e-board!

Are you into kick ass turbo noises on turbo charged tuned up cars that you've seen on movies and on video and even on live event shows? Do you wish that you had those sick turbo charged psssssh and whistle noises on your e-boards? If that's yes, then you came to the right place because these motors are perfectly for you! I have 6374 motors on my Odyssey and they make such a beautiful musical tunes along with turbo charged noises when riding the board that it always puts big smiles to my face and makes riding super enjoyable! These are by far best sounding motors I ever heard (and even gorgeous looking at that) and also super powerful as well. I highly recommend these motors! Oh, trust me. You'll be super happy as I am! You won't regret it!