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New D1

  • Direct Drive System
  • Top speed: 40-50kmh
  • Max range: 55km
  • Bound ESC: based on VESC 6.0
  • Battery pack: Panasonic 21700 12s4p 19.2ah;
  • Deck: NEW Carbon fibre concave deck
  • Bluetooth module(NEW)
  • VX2 remote(NEW)
  • Cloud Wheels-120mm-black
  • Cloud Wheels-120mm-red
  • Honeycomb-105mm-black

Top Speed

Upto 1 km




12S4P 1 ah



It's right for you if...
You are looking for a performance board but not belt-driven, and have more fun on every ride. You know the new D1 will help you see more and go farther, and you’re looking for one that’s comfortable, built to last, and equipped with the latest direct drive technology.
Direct drive electric skateboard - new boundmotor D1


With a foam core to lighten the weight, carbon fiber boards are designed to help you push off the start line faster and move effortlessly around turns and slides.
boundmotor new carbon fiber deck kit for diy electric skateboard


The VESC® BLDC is the latest and greatest Open Source ESC which we specifically use to control our Electric Skateboard Motors. It was built from the ground up with many customize-able settings that traditional RC ESCs don’t offer.

BOUND ESC compatible with VESC® Software.

BOUNDMOTOR 12S 200A dual drive VESC

Keep track of your vesc based eSk8 on the go

This VESC Bluetooth Module allows you to get real-time data from your VESC.


power switch, charing port, battery display, all in one block, easy to plug and charge without flip your board.


  • Color screen
  • Option choice for km/h and miles/h
  • 2.4Ghz bandwidth
  • Real-time data reading and 0.95OLED display
  • Support 3-speed modes
  • Support cruise control mode
  • Remote and E-skateboard power indication lights
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Battery last for 12 working hours
Direct drive electric skateboard - new boundmotor D1


The skateboard comes with a 3000-watt DIRECT DRIVE motor, which is also known for being powerful. This will make it easy to ride even on hills and will make it easy to achieve its top speed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Anonymous (Dallas, US)

Amazing customer service the board is just so much fun I cant explain it

ezeus (Berlin, DE)

The engine's smoothness is amazing.
The smooth running of the honeycomb also plays a role.
The ride feels like I'm moving on gentle paws.
Terrifyingly fascinating.
I installed the part under a hackbrett longboard from the Black Forest.
Currently I only run it with 36Volt, Samsung 35e li ion in a 10s2p exchangeable battery-pack and the vesc from boundmotor.
The part pulls off as if the devil was after us.
Acceleration :
I only entered the first stage so far.
Rarely drived in the middle , the second gear.
The third - the fastest , I never used, till now .

And still, completely thrilled.

Ethan C. (Hillsboro, US)
Defective Product + Refused to replace $20 Axel + Threatening emails

The D1 i ordered came with a bent axle and after they promised to send me a new one, they never did more than a month later so i filed a dispute. They then pomised to send it "if" cancelled the dispute, which i did. Then a month more passes and not only have they not sent the axel they promised but they actually wrote me a threatening email, threatening to blast me over social media lol.
I won't buy Chinese again.

During the case, we were on new year holiday, all HK agents were back to home for holiday, can't send anything out.

we promised we will send replacement after we back to work. but paypal have sent email to us, your bank have sent the money back.we have nothing here.

No reply anymore from you.

You paid nothing, Ethan, and your bank have sent the money back to you.
Check the reply from paypal please:https://ibb.co/dcj8xhK

shorty (Hamburg, DE)

Absulutley love this board!
-super silent motors
-good quality deck
-really nice wheels

Unfortunately the windmill adapters were missing and I noticed it too late when I wanted to change the wheels.
By then the warranty had already expired. Apart from that everything is 100%

Simon Jordan (Auckland, NZ)
Smooth and Powerfull

So had a few decent rides in the D3 now and feel can comment. Like everyone says the dual trucks take a little to get used to but even loose the board is really stable at speed. I can sit on about 45kmph on the flat if needed it feels a little quick without more safety gear on. Cars get a surprise when they look to their left and you are still right next to them. The wheels are awesome I was on a hub board before and soo much smoother. It pretty much has coped with all but a few hills in Auckland and can easily do a 30km return loop not sure on total range yet as haven’t hit it. Cato (Bound Support) very helpful with information as delivery took a little longer - consisting Exway could even get a board to New Zealand and cancelled order costing me about $40 bucks in exchange fluctuation I’m fine with that. It’s a heave board and large but you can tow it on two wheels fine but most of the time you are on it right. It is a big battery so understandable. The top centre tape came off pretty quick that was just the logo so didn’t worry me too much. I am a sure I could have re glued it down. You do have to be aware of the motors as they are lower to ground so can knock them a little.