Octopus Deck Kit- 12S8P Enclosure with New Dropdown Skateboard Deck

  • Color: Black.
  • Dropdown with concave design.
  • 10-layer Canadian Maple and 2-layer glass fiber.
  • 12S3P
  • 12S8P

High Hardness And Suitable Toughness

10-layer California Maple with 2-layer glass fiber,  adopting cold extrusion technology to make the deck harder and tougher. The maximum support weight is 220 pounds (100 kg).
12S8P Battery Enclosure for diy electric skateboard size
12s8p deck kit
Battery Enclosure DIY Electric Skateboard BOUNDMOTOR 8
12s3p deck kit

CNC machined aluminum ESC case for BOUND speed controller. Heat spreading fins for increased cooling capacity.
Battery Enclosure Case for DIY Electric Skateboard

Why drop down deck?

  • drop down design is incredibly stable
  • easy to initiate and control slides
  • ideal for long-distance traveling
Octopus Deck Kit 12S8P Enclosure With New Dropdown.COM 5



  • 100x26x1.5cm
  • 39.4×10.2×0.59in

Weight: 2.68kg/5.9lb

What's In The Box?

  • Octopus Dropdown deck(12-ply)
  • Battery enclosure(Optional)
    • 12s3p 18650 max
    • 12s8p 21700 max
  • ESC case(come with 12s3p enclosure only)
  • Charging port
  • Grip Tape

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Khyl (Isleworth, GB)
Massive enclosure

I can easily fit two 12s4p battery in still have a space for my VESC.

David Gu (Montreal, CA)
Very nice deck

Excellent product

A Go (Renton, US)
Octopus Deck kit review

Awesome board and enclosure. Better than expected.

Ouassim Ouali (Laval, CA)
Overhall nice deck!

I got the octopus dropdown deck and I like the design and the feel of the deck, but when it arrived the grip tape wasn't properly attached to the deck I still can't fix it without destroying the griptape. But except this issue, the enclosure is nicely designed but it needs wider holes for motors wires. But overhall really nice deck!

Tortuga Cartwright (Fullerton, US)
Dropdown skateboard deck-sword

I am impressed by everything Boundmotor has had to offer me thus far . so I am predicting that my board (once recieved) will be Awesome asf .