Phantom Hub


  • 4 * complete Phantom Hub
  • 2 * 5M55T pulley
  • Screw set
  • Bearing set(8mm shaft)
  • Blue
  • Oil Slick
  • Red
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Works with:

BOUNDMOTOR CNC Phantom Hub for diy electric skateboard 01 + Double Kingpin Trucks for Belt Drive - BOUNDMOTOR
Price: $488.00
8mm Axle-24mm
12mm Axle-34mm
12mm Axle-38.2mm
Works with BOUNDMOTOR 6”/7” pneumatic tire
Bearing AdapterAxle Diameter(mm)Fits Bearing O.D.(mm)Works with
08mm Axle-24mm8mm22608 for hub, 6900 for wheel pulleyBOUNDMOTOR DKP Truck, Evolve, Ownboard, Eovan
10mm Axle-34mm10mm2816100Trampa Truck
12mm Axle-34mm12mm286001Trampa Truck
12mm Axle-38.2mm12mm286001MBS Truck

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