RKP 390

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    Extra Pack

RKP 390 CNC precision truck with a 260 mm wide hanger fits a dual 63100 setup with 15 mm wide HTD5M timing belts. The nominal baseplate angle is 45 degrees but can be adjusted to 35-54 degrees.

Specs of the truck:
Material: AL6061-T6
Ride height: 58.8-63.8 mm
Wheelbase offset: approx. +1.5 inch
Rake: 0 mm
Bushing seat diameter: 24.6 mm and 2.3 mm deep (dished)
Total truck width: 390 mm

Support dual 63100 motors with 15mm belts. The hanger has the same profile as Caliber II and works with all Caliber II baseplates on the market.

Off-the-shelf parts used:
– RipTide 96a pivot cup
– RipTide Krank Barrel 96a (back truck)
– RipTide Krank Barrel 90a (front truck)
– 2X socket cap screw

  • 10mm straight axles: recommended for pneumatics
  • Stepped 10-8 axles: recommend for urethane wheels(same with double kingpin trucks).


  • Hanger Length: 260mm
  • Overall Length: 390mm
  • Weight: 405g per hanger with axles installed


  • 10mm Straight:
    • Axle Length: Axle Length: 56mm, (3/8″-24 Thread; 11mm length)
  • 10-8 Stepped:
    • Axle Length: Axle Length: 60mm, (5/16″-24 Thread; 11mm length)

What’s Included:

  • 2X 260mm Hanger
  • 4X Axles
  • 4X Lock nuts
  • 2X adjustable baseplate(35-54 degrees)
  • 2X CNC Precision Clamps


  • When bought with our mounts,  a precision clamp will be sent together.
  • Axles don’t come pre-installed for shipping reasons. please assemble with blue/red loctite.

Customer Reviews

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ᴬᵏᵃˡⁱᴬ (London, CA)
Adjustable trucks are the future (RKP 390)

I ordered RKP 390 adjustable trucks for my Odyssey and replaced my stock TKP to RKP 390 as I wanted the high quality CNC precision trucks for better durability and this is ultra wide trucks and it is sexy. The quality is superb and Boundmotor killed it once again with these amazing trucks. It took me awhile to find the right angle and bushing setup but it does turn amazingly. Wide trucks keeps the board ultra stable at high speed (depends on your bushing choices) and makes your overall look of board look like a beast. This kit arrives with everything you need in order to assemble it and I used blue 243 Loctite to apply everything when assembling. Boundmotor offers RipTide bushings and you can choose which bushings setups you want for it for the trucks. I got the hard ones and I find that they are too stiff for me so I swapped it back to stock black ones that came with the board originally. I might get the white one for either the front or the back for better carving and turnability. I set mine to 55° on the front and 35° for the rear. I might play around with it a bit more as 55° or 50° on the front and rear might be better for carving and turning. What's amazing thing about this trucks is overall quality and attention to detail. There are two bolts on the side where I can undone it to adjust the angle of the trucks and lock them in place by tightening up the bolts. You can choose to get either 10mm axle option for Trampa style wheels or 10-8mm axle option for standard wheels. Everything is well packaged and no single damage on arrival. Professionally well done and everyone should get these trucks asap.

Quality: ★★★★★
Durability: ★★★★★
Turnability: ★★★★☆ (depends on the choices of bushings and angle)
Carving: ★★★★★
Package: ★★★★★
Difficulty level of assembly: Easy