Smart Anti spark Switch

  • Max voltage: 13S (60V)
  • Continuous Current: 150A , Max Current: 200A
  • LED Power Button
    • Diameter:12mm
    • cable length: 250mm
  • Power Switch: 307mm, XT60 connectors
Smart Power on/off
  • Slide to power on. Has a 12-second blanking timer after turning off. Can still be turned on by switch during this period.
  • Auto turn off. Will turn off automatically after 20 minutes. The output voltage must vary by at least 500mV within any three-second interval to reset the turn-off timer.
Support momentary push button. Hold for 0.3s to turn on, 1s to turn off. Holding it down will cycle it on then off. High power, 150A Continuous.