Land Cruiser

Dropdown design, Support 12S4P 21700.
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200A, Based on VESC 6.0
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Dropdown design, Support 12s3p and 12s8p battery.
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Phantom Hub

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The core components of an electric skateboard. If you're building a high-performance electric skateboard, these are the ones you need.
Featured image for “X Core Pro ESC”

X Core Pro ESC

Featured image for “VESC Remote Controller VX2”

VESC Remote Controller VX2

Deck Kit & Enclosure

We currently have 3 deck kits, the Land Cruiser is suitable for most DIY skateboards, with a dropdown design, support 12s4p 21700 battery, and great durability. The Octopus with 12s3p enclosure is suitable for building portable, lightweight skateboards; Octopus with 12s8p enclosure is suitable for customers who need a long-range/high voltage board.
If you have your own deck, and looking for a battery case/enclosure for your DIY electric skateboard, the 12S8P battery enclosure is suitable for building a very long-range skateboard, choose the 3p if portability is more important to you.

Drive Kit & Motors

The hub motor is very easy to maintain, ideal for beginners, the belt motor is a little louder and can be changed to different gear ratios to achieve different speeds and torques. Direct drive motors are a type of hub motor with fixed gear ratios but can be replaced with different wheels, and better heat dissipation.

Wheel Set

We recommend choosing 105mm/150mm airless wheels for tough roads, Cloud wheels for better range, and pneumatic wheels are best for cruising, and transportation.
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Phantom Hub

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Sakura Hub Set

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Slime Wheel

Wheel Pulley

Great drive wheel pulley for DIY Electric Skateboard, including 40T ABEC/Kegel/Cloud wheel pulley and belt set.


Skateboard trucks need to be reliable, Double kingpin trucks increase carving possibilities, the hub truck set is designed for our rubber hub motors.
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RKP 390


Additional accessories and useful tools for DIY customers. Here you can find the bearing set, spacer, and other items available only at BOUNDMOTOR.
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Extra Fee

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Charging Dock

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Charge Port

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Cable Riser

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Bearing Set